Pre-release software is buggy. To make it less buggy, please let us know when you have problems with these programs.

GingerALE 2.3.6

GingerALE 2.3.6 has been released!

Sleuth 3.0

Sleuth 3 adds support for searching within your workspace or the search results. Use the "Filter Results" and "Filter Workspace" field at the bottom of the window. Sleuth 3.0a2 uses the filter results when saving or exporting your dataset.

Known Issue: Behavioral Histograms graph is buggy - some bars can disappear until the window is resized.

3.0a5 - adds a fix for loading Scribe papers that do not have a defined Context

All Platforms

Scribe 3.3

Scribe 3.3 has been released!