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What's New in Sleuth 3.0.4 [June 8, 2020]

Fixing a bug that kept Sleuth from securely communicating with our databases

What's New in Sleuth 3.0.3 [May 28, 2019]

Fixing a bug in the radiobutton interface that selects which BrainMap database is being used

What's New in Sleuth 3.0.2 [May 16, 2019]

Fixing a bug in "Export as Subject Groups" that would prevent exporting a workspace that has individual locations de-selected

What's New in Sleuth 3.0.1 [May 2, 2019]

Updating to newer servlet that supports age range classifications and some new Subject fields

What's New in Sleuth 3.0 [February 5, 2019]

New feature - a "Filter" field below the workspace to quickly search the meta-data of papers in your workspace. The filter is also used when saving or exporting your dataset.

New feature - "Automatic Grouping" is a new option when exporting your datasets. It checks the number of subjects in a paper, if there are multiple subject groups then the paper uses subject-wise groups, otherwise it combines the selected experiments in the paper into a single group. One exception, if the subject groups have identical locations "Automatic Grouping" uses the experiment-wise method instead.

What's New in Sleuth 2.4 [November 20, 2015]

Support for Scribe 3.0's new Template information. This includes bug fixes for a couple exporting and coordinate-transforming issues in 2.3.3

Changed Export Citation information to use a pipe symbol between experiment names

Fixed a bug related to loading older Scribe ent files directly into Sleuth (Thanks Moriah!)

What's New in Sleuth 2.3.3 [July 15, 2014]

Supports the new secure certificate and the new server

What's New in Sleuth 2.3.2/a> [May 21, 2014]

Improved error handling when downloading paper data with invisible characters

What's New in Sleuth 2.3.1 [May 19, 2014]

Sleuth.app is now signed, removing the "Unknown developer" warning on Mac OS X

What's New in Sleuth 2.3 [April 28, 2014]

Supports sparsely-coded papers

Improved support for unicode characters

New dialog lists which experiments couldn't be found in a workspace (can be due to mismatched unicode characters)

Supports opening .vbm files directly into Sleuth

Changed downloading dialog to count down the number of papers left

Added "Show All" / "Show Non-zero" buttons to Behavioral and Paradigm Histogram profiles

Bug fixes:

What's New in Sleuth 2.2 [June 16, 2013]

Doubles the supported volume of image-based searches to 10,000 mm3

Improved default search items:

Support for Mac OS X 10.8's Gatekeeper

What's New in Sleuth 2.1 [May 14, 2012]

Improved merging experiment selections when opening multiple workspaces (Thanks Jordan!)

Reinstates error messages in server communication (Thanks Nils!)

Fixed the intermittent file-opening-causes-apparent-hangup bug (Thanks Jan, Torsten, & cmcnorgan!)

What's New in Sleuth 2.0.3 [October 28, 2011]

Fixed a foci export bug present in 2.0.1 and 2.0.2 which joined multiple foci groups into a single foci group

What's New in Sleuth 2.0.2 [October 26, 2011]

Fixed a bug which showed the reference space of task papers to be listed as "Unknown" (Thanks timm & Konrad!)

Fixed a bug which caused items in the recent file menu to be duplicated

What's New in Sleuth 2.0.1 [October 11, 2011]

Added exporting locations by subject group as described in Turkeltaub et al, HBM 2012

What's New in Sleuth 2.0 [August 30, 2011]

New Features:

Bug Fixes:

What's New in Sleuth 1.2 [August 24, 2009]

New Features:

Bug Fixes:

What's New in Sleuth 1.1 [October 3, 2007]

New Features:

Bug Fixes:

What's New in Sleuth 1.0 (Equivalent to Search&View 3.3) [April 13, 2007]

New Features:

Bug Fixes:



Java: The Mac and Windows versions include their own copy of Java 8, so Java version conflicts and updating are no longer an issue. The compromise is that it is now about 150 MB larger. The jar version is available without embedded Java as well.

Windows: Download the zip and unzip it to get a "Sleuth 3.0" folder which contains:

Macintosh: Download the app. It's using a Disk Image (.dmg), which is like a zip file, but it includes a secure signature that lets your Mac show fewer scary "Unknown Developer" warnings. If your browser doesn't automatically open the xip file, just double-click it and you should get Sleuth.app. Drag Sleuth.app to your Applications folder, or wherever you prefer, and start it up.

Other Systems: Get Java Version 8 or newer at Sun's official site: Java.com. Download Sleuth.jar. You may be able to run Sleuth by double clicking on the jar. Alternatively, use the command: java -cp your/path/to/Sleuth.jar org.brainmap.Sleuth

Sleuth Account:

Using Sleuth requires an account to BrainMap. Your information will be kept confidential and we will not send any unsolicited email. First sign up with a valid email address. After receiving a message with your account information, you may change your password. If you forgot your password, you can resend it.


Feedback & Help:

The Sleuth Forum is available for reporting bugs, or questions about Sleuth or searching the database.

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